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Greeting from Founder


We, Grasp!, are a recruitment service company founded in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in 2017.

In 2022, when we began to recover from the pandemic economic crisis, Grasp! celebrated its 5th anniversary. As the founder, I have been engaged in business in Vietnam since the early 2010s. I have been paying close attention to the economic and business circumstances of the country, especially the situation and changes surrounding recruitment, human resources, personnel, and labor.

After over ten years, I strongly feel the need to redefine business in Vietnam as a developing country/least economically developed country. "Pro-Japanese country," "labor supply country," and "labor cost is cheap." These preconceptions are still applicable, but from the experience of foreign companies and foreign business people already doing business in Vietnam. , which is outdated.

We, Grasp!, will contribute to you by updating the values of Vietnamese business, especially through support in recruitment, career change, career and human resources.

Founder:Takumitsu Kumazawa




  • Supporting the self-determination of all companies and individuals through the recruitment business.


  • We pursue to make difference in society. Business expansion is secondary in our value.

  • We learn, think and talk about how career/work/life intertwined with the current dynamics (AI, global economy framework, etc)

  • We doubt conventional business models, services and operations.

  • ​We enjoy what we do. We do what it takes to enjoy.

  • We know that the successes of our clients are our own success.

  • We practice unconventional work style.

  • We define and live our professionalism.

  • We thrive to find new ways to manage, team, and communicate.

  • Before we act, we put ourselves in other's shoe, whenever we think of what we do.

Company information


Founder:Takumitsu Kumazawa

Establishment:December 1st, 2017

■​​Head Office (Ho Chi Minh)

6th Floor Golden House Buiding, Sunwah Pearl, 90 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

■Ha Noi Office

Unit A2.6c, 2nd floor, Tower A, Golden Palace Building, Me Tri street, Me Tri ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi


【In Vietnam】

■For Employer

Recruitment services (Companies in Vietnam)
└ Hiring Vietnamese (Staff level to executive level and IT engineer)
└ Hiring non-Vietnamese (local contract)
└ Hiring Bangladeshi IT or mechanical engineer
・ RPO (recruitment agency service) for Japanese companies in Vietnam
・ Digital marketing support service for Japanese companies in Vietnam
・ VISA / Work Permit Acquisition Support in Vietnam
・ Advisory Service for setting up a representative office in Vietnam


■For Candidate

・ Job change service for Japanese / Vietnamese

・ Career support service for Japanese / Vietnamese

・ Migration support service for Japanese

・ VISA / Work Permit Acquisition Support in Vietnam

【In Bangladesh】

・ Recruitment service (Japanese / foreign-affiliated companies)
└ Hiring a Bangladeshi engineer (IT / machine)
・ Advisory Service for setting up a representative office

【In Japan】

・ Recruitment service (The companies in Japan)
└ Vietnamese IT engineers and Bangladeshi engineers (IT / machine)


【In Other countries】

・ Recruitment service
└ Vietnamese IT engineers and Bangladeshi engineers (IT / machine)

Company info
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